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Ensis Technology's mission is to aid in digital transformation by building smart enterprises. We deliver high-quality SAP solutions and services of skilled professionals. We help our clients achieve success and realize their strategic goals.

Discover how the support of a proven SAP partner can help you gain an edge in the competitive world of business. Join our satisfied clients who are already using advanced SAP technologies to grow their enterprises!


Who are we?

We deliver innovative SAP solutions and services for various industries and enterprises worldwide. Ensis Technology was founded to go beyond conventions and provide clients with a completely new experience in technology.

We specialize in creating custom SAP solutions that optimize business processes and inspire bold challenges and dreams.

In our work, we focus on collaboration, mutual understanding, and openness to new ideas. We believe that by combining technical skills with creative thinking, we can change the business world.

Our goal is not just to deliver technological solutions but also to fully understand our clients' business objectives and assist them in making key decisions.

Ensis Technology team consists of qualified and experienced SAP consultants with extensive technical knowledge and a profound understanding of various industries.

This allows us to deliver personalized and tailored solutions to our clients, contributing to the optimization of business processes and maximizing the value of their technology investments.

Our services include comprehensive SAP services such as consulting, implementation, training, system integration, technical and business support, and body leasing.

We are ready to meet the greatest challenges and provide our clients with a competitive advantage in a dynamic market. Ensis Technology's global reach allows us to operate in various markets and collaborate with companies of diverse scales. We thoroughly understand the varied industry requirements and deliver innovative solutions that drive our clients' organizational growth.

Join our satisfied clients who are already leveraging advanced SAP technologies to grow their businesses in the dynamic and competitive world of business!

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What sets us apart?


We are leaders in implementing innovative SAP solutions that transform our clients' business operations and drive their growth.

High-quality services

We guarantee the highest quality of services, thanks to the experience of our team of SAP experts and openness to the diverse needs of clients.


We offer flexible solutions and a personalized approach, adapting our actions to the changing requirements of clients.

Ensis Team

Ludwik Bogdański

SAP Principal Consultant, Board Member

A certified expert in SAP project implementation, Ludwik has over 15 years of experience, ranking him among the top SAP experts in implementation and integration. His practice includes both local and international projects, both on-premises and cloud-based, including SAP SuccessFactors and Ariba solutions, as well as SAP migrations and transformations. His extensive experience ensures the highest quality of service and necessary expertise for the most demanding projects.

He has also conducted numerous trainings at the SAP Training Center in Poland and Europe. His specializations include project management using SAP Activate and PRINCE2 methodologies, SAP integrations using integration buses such as SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Integration Suite, and programs like RISE with SAP and GROW with SAP. Additionally, he specializes in SAP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), including SAP Cloud ALM, and SAP system and database administration, including SAP HANA.

His knowledge and experience enable effective and successful project completion, even the most complex ones, supporting clients in building smart enterprises.

Kajetan Bancerz

SAP Principal Consultant, Board Member

Kajetan Bancerz is a SAP Senior Consultant with over ten years of experience, which has allowed him to specialize in integration, management of applications, and SAP PI/PO/IS platforms. His practice includes assisting companies in effective digital transformation, and his clients have been enterprises worldwide.

As a SAP Senior Consultant, he has extensive experience in systems integration and administration using SAP NetWeaver, HANA, SAP PI/PO, and SAP IS. He also specializes in executing ALM processes using SAP Solution Manager and Cloud ALM. His vast experience and skills enable him to deliver comprehensive solutions that contribute to increased efficiency and innovation in the organizations he collaborates with.

Szymon Bogdański

SAP Principal Consultant, Board Member

Certified in SAP integration, Szymon Bogdański has experience in both the integration and development aspects of SAP.

He continuously expands his skills in the functional aspects of SAP solutions. He actively supports various organizations in transforming their business processes, both in on-premise and on-demand environments, focusing on proper selection and usage of SAP solutions, including SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Integration Suite, SAP Business Technology Platform, and SAP HANA.

As a certified SAP trainer, he has conducted numerous trainings at SAP Training Center Poland. His professionalism and knowledge are backed by extensive project experience and a series of certifications covering areas such as SAP Integration, SAP ABAP Development, SAP HANA, Microsoft .NET, and Google Cloud.

Anna Żaczek

Head of Sales

With extensive experience in the international SAP system environment and significant knowledge in this area, Anna excels in building the company's workforce, managing human resources, and organizing SAP training. Her professional evolution towards strategic sales management was a natural progression of her career.

Her familiarity with SAP systems, combined with experience in building and managing teams, enabled her to adapt effectively to the demands of the Head of Sales role. In this position, she focuses on developing sales strategies tailored to the market, combined with the ability to analyze and optimize business processes, forming the foundation for achieving sales goals. Her ability to effectively match client requirements with the competencies of SAP specialist teams contributes to creating personalized and effective business solutions. Her expertise in negotiations and understanding of the SAP market contribute to the company's growth.

Monika Juszczak

Head of Marketing

As the Head of Marketing with experience in marketing, customer service, and team management, Monika plays a vital role in shaping the company's marketing strategy. She is responsible for developing and implementing marketing campaigns that not only increase brand awareness but also strengthen its market position. Her ability to analyze market data and industry trends allows her to tailor strategies to a dynamically changing environment and client needs.

She is in charge of planning, executing, and monitoring the effectiveness of marketing activities. Her communication and negotiation skills are key to efficiently conducting marketing operations. The use of various online channels enables building and maintaining a positive image of the company.

Her strong character and fighting spirit continuously uncover new development opportunities, both personally and for the company she represents.

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