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We connect experienced SAP solution specialists with clients utilizing these technologies in their companies. We provide qualified SAP consultants who independently support the client in managing systems within their structures. We assist in selecting employees with verified qualifications and the necessary knowledge to carry out specific projects.

  • We enable clients to focus on their business activities by eliminating the need for a time-consuming recruitment process.
  • Professionals are given the opportunity to develop through continuous access to attractive projects.
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Connecting interesting projects with experienced specialists

For Businesses

We supply qualified experts experienced in working with SAP solutions. We connect companies with employees who possess all the necessary competencies to execute a given project.

Looking for a proven SAP expert for your project? With our Body Leasing services, you gain access to specialists with confirmed competencies.

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For Professionals

We allow SAP consultants to hone their skills on diverse projects. Through collaboration with numerous clients, we provide specialists with access to attractive contracts.

Are you looking for new opportunities and eager to take on new challenges in working with SAP solutions? Work alongside a trusted partner.

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Rely on the support of a proven Body Leasing service provider

We provide SAP specialists

We handle the recruitment process for qualified SAP consultants. We supply specialists who possess the appropriate competencies necessary for the client's project.

We guarantee a high level of competence

We provide clients with qualified and experienced SAP consultants.
Our specialists manage SAP systems in accordance with the best practices and industry standards.

We optimize costs

We enable companies to reduce costs associated with maintaining their infrastructure and employing SAP specialists. Thanks to our Body Leasing service, the client's ROI increases.

We optimize the recruitment process

We eliminate the need for companies to hire SAP specialists on their own. We allow clients to bypass the time-consuming and costly process of recruitment and probation periods.

We enable focus on business activities

We carry out the recruitment process of SAP specialists for client projects. We allow both clients and SAP professionals to focus on tasks related to their business activities.

We enable SAP professionals to develop

We provide SAP professionals with constant access to a diverse project database. We allow specialists to refine their skills on successive contracts alongside a trusted SAP partner.


The SAP Partner you've been looking for

We understand the needs and business processes of organizations using SAP. We assist in building an intelligent and sustainable enterprise, delivering top experts in consulting and outsourcing models. We offer comprehensive support – from concept, through implementation, to post-implementation support.




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Experienced team with extensive technical knowledge

Innovative solutions and understanding of business goals

Support in executing complex projects

Flexible approach to changing client needs

Global reach across various markets and industries

Long-term relationship focused on client's business success

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