SAP Trainings

We comprehensively prepare and conduct SAP-related trainings. Participants of our trainings receive practical knowledge in SAP functional areas and a wide range of technologies, which broadens their understanding and enhances their qualifications. As a result, our clients can apply the acquired knowledge in their daily work and accelerate the development of their companies.

We tailor our training materials to the latest versions of the SAP system, enabling our clients to acquire up-to-date knowledge. Our trainers continuously improve their skills by obtaining certifications in the latest versions of the applications. Participation in our training sessions helps clients to understand the SAP portfolio and the surrounding SAP world more quickly and thoroughly.

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Professional training tailored to participants' needs

We conduct comprehensive training on SAP solutions, providing practical knowledge and tools to harness the full potential of advanced systems.

We facilitate our clients in strengthening their market position by conducting professional trainings that enhance the competence of their team. We organize professional and personalized training:

  • helping to acquire valuable skills
  • supporting in developing the potential of SAP solutions used by clients

Benefit from specialist experience and enhance your team’s competence

We help increase competitiveness

We enable the enhancement of qualifications of employees who use SAP solutions in their daily activities. Supporting employees in improving their skills contributes to a better perception of the company in the job market.

We improve employee efficiency

We provide practical knowledge and skills that optimize business processes based on SAP solutions. We indicate actions that achieve higher efficiency.

We raise team competence

We prepare participants for the implementation of advanced SAP implementation projects. We increase their engagement through the support of experienced trainers and tailor the training to the individual needs of the participants.

We boost efficiency

We allow full utilization of the potential of SAP solutions. We prepare employees for effective use of advanced technology in daily activities.

We strengthen teams

We enable training participants to establish valuable contacts with other industry professionals. We share knowledge and experience that translate into fruitful cooperation.


The SAP Partner you've been looking for

We understand the needs and business processes of organizations using SAP. We help in building an intelligent and sustainable enterprise, providing the best experts in consulting and outsourcing models. We offer comprehensive support – from concept through implementation to post-implementation support.




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