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Through our Body Leasing services, we assist companies in enhancing their business efficiency. We provide SAP specialists with skills tailored to the project's needs. Our services enable organizations to reduce costs (TCO) and save time associated with the independent recruitment of consultants, thereby increasing ROI. We offer a wide range of Body Leasing services in the SAP field and provide access to experienced professionals with diverse and verified qualifications.

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Benefit from a consultant's services that meet the business needs of your project

Do you need access to professional SAP consultants without the necessity of creating new job positions?

Do you want to minimize the costs and time of the recruitment process and are you looking for a simple and transparent method of billing for the collaboration?

Body Leasing is the solution for your organization!

Do you already have a dedicated team but need a SAP specialist to temporarily support your organization in executing specific tasks in a project?

Why should you choose to collaborate in a Body Leasing model?

Experienced SAP specialists

We recruit qualified SAP consultants and verify their skills to meet client needs.

Cost optimization

We enable companies to optimize the costs associated with employing SAP specialists by using the Body Leasing model.

Work continuity

We provide continuous access to a wide range of SAP consultants, ensuring work continuity in case of a longer absence of one of them.

Transparent billing method

We guarantee a clear billing method, allowing budget planning for expenses related to hiring a worker.

Focus on business activities

We take over the time-consuming process of recruiting SAP specialists and allow clients to focus on tasks related to their business activities.

Experience exchange

We connect clients with SAP consultants who bring a fresh perspective to the project based on their previous experience.


The SAP Partner you've been looking for

We understand the needs and business processes of organizations using SAP. We assist in building intelligent and balanced enterprises by providing the best experts in the body leasing model. We enable clients to focus on business activities, eliminating the need for a time-consuming SAP consultant recruitment process.




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Qualified specialists with extensive technical knowledge

Openness to ambitious projects and non-standard challenges

Experience in recruiting SAP experts for complex projects

Flexible approach to changing client needs

Global reach across various markets and industries

Long-term relationship focused on client's business success

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