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If you are looking to develop your career, Ensis Technology invites you to join us in shaping an innovative future. We are a place where passion and professionalism meet, creating ideal conditions for development in a dynamic IT environment. Join us and discover how your skills and experience can contribute to creating groundbreaking SAP solutions. Check our current job offers and become part of a team that is inspired daily by new technologies and sets the direction of development in the industry.


Your trusted SAP Partner with years of market experience


Years of Experience

For 15 years, we've been supporting clients in managing SAP projects and creating unique solutions tailored to their needs

50 +


Our team consists of 50 certified SAP specialists with extensive technical knowledge

150 +


We have successfully completed 150+ SAP projects for clients operating in numerous industries and on various markets

What do you gain by working at Ensis Technology?

Professional stability

Ensis Technology consists of consultants with over 15 years of experience in the IT market in Poland. By joining us, you gain stability and job security in a dynamically developing environment.

Experience in international projects

Start your career at Ensis Technology and discover a world of opportunities offered by both local and international projects. With us, you have the chance to collaborate with teams from different countries, which enables not only professional development but also the experience of diverse perspectives and cultures. Working in our global projects is not just a professional challenge, but also an opportunity to build international relationships and understand global trends in the SAP industry.

Professional development

At Ensis Technology, we focus on the continuous development of our employees. We offer a range of training programs, workshops, and conferences that assist in professional growth. Our priority is to ensure that every team member has access to current educational resources and tools that are key to achieving success.

A trustful atmosphere and work flexibility

Ensis Technology prioritizes building an atmosphere of trust and flexibility. In our company, we recognize and appreciate the autonomy and independence of our employees, offering them freedom in decision-making and task execution. We believe in partnership relations and an individual approach to each team member. Our employees have the opportunity for remote work.


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