Dear Clients and Partners!

We are pleased to inform you that ECC Technology is changing its name to Ensis Technology. We are an enterprise with many years of experience in the IT industry. Over the past few years, we have been dynamically developing, and expanding our portfolio of products and services. We represent a modern and dynamic organization capable of meeting the challenges of the future. We decided to change our name to better reflect our aspirations and the direction we are heading.

The new name is derived from Latin. "Ensis" means sword, a symbol of strength, power, and determination. We want to be seen as a reliable partner in the IT market, capable of achieving our goals and overcoming any obstacles. This is a reflection of our ambition to be a significant player in the IT industry and to build a lasting position in the market.

Ensis Technology is committed to creating innovative technological solutions. We aim to be not just a technology provider but also a partner supporting our clients in their dynamic development and adaptation to changing realities.

Over the years, we have gained valuable experience and built a strong position as experts. Now, under a new name, we want to further develop our competencies by introducing innovative products and services that will meet the current and future needs of our clients. Ensis Technology is more than just a new name – it's the era of new partnership in the world of technology.

Please note that only the company name has been changed. All general terms of trade and contracts remain valid and unchanged.From today, please use the following details in correspondence:

  • Name: Ensis Technology Sp. z o.o.
  • Street: Twarda 18
  • Postal Code: 00-105
  • City: Warsaw
  • Country: Poland
  • VAT Identification Number: PL5272876051

In light of this change, we ask you to pay attention to the company name change in future correspondence.

Thank you for your continued commitment and trust. We are convinced that this change will mark the beginning of a new, inspiring chapter in our collaboration.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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